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This website provides general information - it is not legal advice. Communication with the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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This website provides general information - it is not legal advice. Communication with the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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Injured by a Drunk Driver? We Get You The Money You Deserve.

Over 375 5-Star Reviews

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After an accident and injury involving a drunk driver, your entire life can feel on hold. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed of the progress of your case and discuss your options with you. Though we try to settle cases out of court because it results in faster payment, we will not hesitate to go to trial to get you the full compensation you deserve for your losses in wages, medical expenses, or pain and suffering.

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It’s normal to be overwhelmed after an auto accident, especially when the other driver was over the legal limit. Learn about your options for moving forward in an easy and informal meeting where one of our attorneys will explain how we can help you.

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Often we are able to negotiate for the insurance policy’s maximum without going to court. However, we prepare for trial in every case so that the insurance company knows we are not going to settle for one dollar less than your claim is worth.

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We Are Paid a Percentage

After we obtain the best settlement or verdict for you, we are paid a percentage of the total that was recovered from the drunk driver. We are ONLY paid after we secure a payment for your claim. If we do not win, you pay nothing.

Experience Getting the Highest Verdicts

Every year a Top 100 list is compiled for the highest jury verdicts achieved by personal injury lawyers throughout the United States. Bennerotte & Associates is proud to have been named on this list.

top auto accident verdict

While it’s great to be recognized as achieving the highest jury verdict, the real accomplishment here was getting the client the settlement they deserved. It’s also worth noting that this was a jury verdict, meaning it was a case that went to trial. Many personal injury attorneys have limited trial experience which can limit their ability to negotiate effectively on your behalf. If you’ve been injured, go with a proven winner - trust Bennerotte & Associates to get you the best possible outcome from an unfortunate situation.

top auto accident verdict

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When drunk drivers cause accidents, other motorists and innocent bystanders often suffer more harm than the intoxicated person. Victims hurt by these irresponsible drivers are not only injured, but also left with many questions:

At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., we answer these questions for you and use our aggressive trial strategies to maximize the compensation you receive when injured in a drunk driving accident. Our dedicated team of local attorneys will work tirelessly to protect your interests, and they will help you obtain the resources you need to get your life back on track.

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How an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help After a Drunk Driving Accident

There are countless ways an experienced injury attorney can help you after an auto accident. Having someone who is familiar with the process and knows what to expect will help guide your case and will typically result in a better outcome. Some of the most important things an attorney can help with include:


Getting the Best Available Medical Treatment:

It is vital to receive proper medical treatment for your car crash injuries. Even if you believe your injuries are minor, see a doctor. What appears to be a minor soft tissue injury may end up being a sign of something more serious. If you don't get medical help now and learn the full extent of your injuries, you may end up paying out of pocket for future medical care.

In cases involving lasting injuries that require long-term care it's important to have access to doctors who do not work for the insurance company. We have a trusted referral network of doctors without ties to insurance who can give a fair and accurate assessment of your injury.

medical treatment after an auto accident


We Thoroughly Investigate your Accident:

In order to negotiate an agreement that covers all of your medical bills, property damage and other damages resulting from the accident, we need to get the facts. When a drunk driver is involved, there is obviously a huge liability issue that needs to be rsolved as well.

During our investigation of your car accident, we will:

  • Obtain evidence, including witness statements, photographs and expert opinions
  • Obtain and evaluate police and operator reports
  • Obtain and evaluate medical records and review all available sources of insurance
  • Evaluate your injuries — analyze any long-term financial needs, future wage loss and medical care
investigation after an auto accident


We Negotiate The Best Outcome for Your Claim

Once we have all of the facts, our attorneys can help you communicate with the insurance companies involved in your car crash and:

  • Seek reimbursement for your medical bills
  • Seek compensation for your lost wages
  • Seek reimbursement for any other expense related to your accident

Knowing what to expect in the negotiations with the insurance company can make a very large difference in how much is paid on your injury claim. It is common for us to advise a client to reject the first offer because we know we can do better. People who do not have lawyers are far more likely to take the first offer, which can leave thousands of dollars on the table.

Minnesota Injury Attorneys for Drunk Driver Accidents

Our results-oriented approach to drunk driving cases and other personal injury matters has allowed us to obtain multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for clients in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

The earlier you contact us, the better. This gives us time to collect evidence and build as strong a case as possible for you. Arrange a no-obligation, free initial consultation with one of our lawyers by calling us at 651-JUSTICE (651-587-8423).


Some of the topics that we routinely discuss with our clients during the course of their DUI accident cases include:

  • Evidentiary issues: We utilize state of the art investigation strategies to gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. This includes not only physical evidence, but also witness testimony, photographs, video footage and impact statements.
  • Punitive damages: We seek to maximize the compensation you receive. Often, this is accomplished by obtaining punitive damages. Proving these damages requires extensive preparation, and can often be difficult. Despite this, we routinely pursue these special damages for our clients, especially in cases involving multiple offenders.
  • Dram shop liability: If the intoxicated driver was served alcohol at a bar, restaurant or other establishment, you may also have a claim against the establishment under Minnesota's Dram Shop laws.
  • Communication: We communicate with prosecutors and insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on what matters most — making as full a recovery as possible.

When discussing these or any other topic associated with your DUI accident case, you will have direct access to the attorney in charge of your case. At all stages of your case, we will provide the personal attention and high-quality representation you deserve.


For a free consultation with a Minnesota drunk driving accident attorney, call 651-JUSTICE (651-587-8423), or fill out our online form.

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